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Do you like cars?

When Aaron was three years old, if you asked 
him what he liked, he said, "I like cars."     

Does Aaron like airplanes?  "No, I like cars."
Does Aaron like bulldozers?  "No, I like cars."
Does Aaron like trains?  "I like trains a little.
I like cars a billion!"
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passion for cars?  Then visit the following






Read about the philosophy behind this Website. Follow Aaron through a car-filled day. See Aaron's collection of model cars. Find out how Aaron plays  with his car collection. Discover other things that Aaron does with cars. Link to Websites and read books about cars.

This Website was developed for younger kids to use
together with their parents.  If you want a more complete
(and more advanced) sites about model cars and car 
collecting, we suggest you check our links page.



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