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On this page, we keep track of exhibits about the 2007 emergence of periodical cicadas in our area.  

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The Grove, Glenview, Illinois
The Grove has had a small exhibit about cicadas for many years, but their extensive new exhibit is scheduled to open May 5, 2007.  According to Chicago Wilderness magazine, the exhibit will include "displays on the insects’ life-cycle, their role as food (for animals and humans), and cicada collections that go back to the 1870s."
Here is another article about the exhibit:,gv-cicada-030807-s1.article
Go here for information about The Grove:  

Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois
Listed as a daily activity in May:  "Periodical Cicadas.  Learn about the insect that returns to our area every 17 years in this small but informative exhibit.  Plant Clinic.  8 a.m. - 6 p.m."

Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, Illinois
There exhibit opens April 21, 2007. 
Once you pay to get into the museum, the exhibit is free.
Here is the Nature Museum website:
They also have a web page about cicadas:
This is from their official press release, dated March 29:  "While Chicago and suburban residents anxiously await the emergence of periodical cicadas this June, the Notebaert Nature Museum opens Magicicada: The Magic Cicada, a special exhibition all about the insect, on Saturday, April 21.  Magicicada is the Latin genius name for this particular species of cicada."
From Chicago Parent Online:  "This exciting educational exhibit celebrates the 17-year cicada emergence occurring in the Chicago area this June.  This exhibit features a two and a half foot long cicada, photographs by cicada enthusiast, Roy Troutman, artists' collection of cicada exuvia (skins left behind during the molt process) created by Chicago artist Colleen Plumb, and specimens from the Academy's  collections."
According to Chicago Wilderness magazine, "This summer (2007), the Notebaert Nature Museum will feature special programs designed to educate visitors about cicadas.  Discover how they make their distinctive sound, create your own cicada instrument, explore more about this fascinating insect’s morphology and anatomy, and learn how to start your own collection."

The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois
The Field Museum is also opening an exhibit about periodical cicadas on May 18.  Here's a link to a recent press release: Here's a mention of the exhibit in a Chicago Sun-Times article:,CST-NWS-cicada13.article 
Also, keep an eye on the Field Museum website:

The Cicada Mobile, Lake County, Illinois
Quite a few news articles mention the Lake County Forest Preserve District's Cicada Mobile, a traveling exhibit that will visit schools, libraries, and festivals in Lake County (north of Chicago) starting April 16. 
Here's a link to the Lake County Forest Preserve web page about
the Cicada Mobile:
Here's a link to a PDF file with the Cicada Mobile's schedule through June:
Here's a link to a Chicago Tribune article about the woman who travels with the Cicada Mobile:,1,3061039.story



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