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Spring, 2007, is going to be the big emergence of periodical cicadas in the our area, which includes Chicago and nearby parts of the Midwestern United States.  (These insects are sometimes called "seventeen year locusts.")  This page is where we will keep track of links to articles, blogs, and press releases about the 2007 emergence of periodical cicadas in our area.

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17-year Cicadas Ready to Emerge by Bridget Kennedy
On May 9, the Oak Leaves, our local Pioneer Press paper, published an article that included an interview with Dad:,OP-Cicadas-050907-S1.article 

Cicada Nymphs Can Wait No Longer
On May 8, the Chicago Tribune published an article about folks finding Periodical Cicada nymphs under rocks and logs in the Chicago suburbs:,1,1785301.story?coll=chi-news-hed 
Also, be sure to check these additional photos starting here:,1,2664332.photogallery?coll=chi-news-hed&index=1

Cicadas Expected to Emerge May 22
This article discusses Gene Kritsky's prediction, based on a formula that uses historical observations of weather consitions and emergence dates.,5_1_WA04_CICADAPREDICTION_S1.article 

Here are some other versions of the same news:,CST-NWS-cicada04.article  

Chicago Tribune Special Features on Cicadas
Periodical cicadas have been getting lots of bad press this year, and we’ve read lots of blog posts expressing people’s dislike and fear of cicadas.  So, we were thrilled when Beth Botts–one of our heros of this 2007 Year of the Cicada–published an article, entitled “Cicadalove,” on April 22nd.  As Beth wrote, “The 17-year visitors may be noisy and annoying, but your plants won’t really mind — and you shouldn’t either.”
Go here to read Beth’s article, plus many more Tribune features on cicadas:,0,3599101.special 

Nymphs? no problem.  Beth Botts is a garden writer for the Chicago Tribune.  She posted this entry on her blog on Tuesday, April 17:

The Cicadas Are Coming!  The Chicago Tribune published this front-page story about cicadas, on Tuesday, April 10.  Here's a link to the online version:,1,2510780.story?coll=chi-news-hed

The Ravinia Festival's MySpace blog wants to make something perfectly clear:  "With everyone and their mother asking us if we're shutting down Ravinia this summer because of a few bugs, we'd like to emphatically say, 'No.'"

Festival of the Cicadas. Chicago Wilderness magazine (Spring, 2007):

Chicago Sun-Times article (March 13, 2007):,CST-NWS-cicada13.article  

The Cicada vs. the SymphonyThe Local Tourist Blog (March 12, 2007):

Bracing for the buzz. Article in the Elgin Courier News (March 10, 2007):,3_1_EL10_A3CICADAS_S1.article

Bug out? No way! Cicadas due soon. Article in Glenview Announcements 
(March 8, 2007):,gv-cicada-030807-s1.article

2007: Year of the Cicada.  Article in Horizons, a Lake County, Illinois, 
Forest Preserve District Publication (Spring, 2007 -- pdf file):

Press release from the Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago (March 8, 
2007 -- pdf file):  

News release from University of Illinois Extension (February 19, 2007):

Memories of cicada memories, article on Eric Zorn's Chicago Tribune Web
log (August 22, 2006):  



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