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Here are examples of the activities we did at Nature and Science Clubs meetings:

Biology and Geology Activities

We had at least a few live animals at most meetings, including snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, tadpoles, fish, and insects.  Sometimes we brought in whole communities of living things housed in big plastic boxes, like pond and soil animals and rotten logs.  Members also brought in their small, caged pets sometimes (but not dogs or cats!).

We visited the Irving School Prairie Garden every week or so.  (Nature and Science Club members helped plant the garden in spring, 2004.)

We also did collecting activities at most meetings, sorting through sand or gravel in search of fossils, minerals, rocks, and shells.  We even developed our own Nature Swap activity where members could trade for a variety of rocks, fossils, shells, and more.

We investigated bones by dissecting owl pellets and sorting through collections of modern and fossil bones and skulls.  We investigated footprints using rubber stamps to tell stories with tracks and trails.

Physics and Chemistry Activities

We often did experiments with common materials, like water, air, dry ice, and kitchen chemicals (like dish liquid and baking soda).

We always had lots of magnets on hand, for experiments and for play.  And we did lots of investigations of air using bubbles, balloons, and fans.

We also played with magic tricks, figuring out how they worked so we could do them ourselves.

Technology and Design Activities

At most meetings we took things apart, including VCRs, computers, and electronic toys.  We also had lots of build-it kits, like Snap Circuits Jr., K'Nex, Legos, and Duplos, and wooden blocks.  

We've designed Pokemon and imaginary animals, including prehistoric creatures.  Once each season we made jewelry using polished rocks and shells.

And we always had homemade playdough on hand--and some meetings we even made more playdough.

Show-and-Tell, and Show-and-Ask

Members were invited to bring nature, science, and technology things from home.  They told us what they knew about them, and asked us questions.


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