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Have you found rocks like these?

Photo: This gravel is a mix of rock types. Click to learn how to identify them. Photo: This gravel is mostly brown chert. Click to learn more.
Photo: This bubble-filled rock exploded from a volcano! Click to learn more.

We found these rocks and many others in our
neighborhood (a suburb near Chicago, Illinois.)  
Nine-year-old Ethan and eight-year-old Aaron 
collect, wash, identify, store, and play with rocks 
like these.

Want to come rock hunting with us?  Maybe you
can get some ideas for finding rocks in your 







See where we find rocks near our home. Find out how we clean, store, and care for our rocks. Learn the names of some rocks we found near our home. See how we play with our rock collection. Link to Websites and read books about rocks. Read about the people and ideas behind this Website.


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