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Water Animals / Pond Dippers

Children who come to Water Animals or Pond Dippers hunt for (plastic) pond animals, watch live pond animals, and catch paper fish with magnetic fishing poles.




Activities took place near the pond rug that used to be adjacent to Great Outdoors.  They included:



Learn More About It

   Catch Plastic Pond Animals

The Great Outdoors exhibit includes a wonderful rug that's decorated to look like a pond.  If you hike around this "pond," you can find and capture plastic pond animals.  If you want, you can put them in a jar, keep them for awhile, and then release them back into the pond.  (variations for 2 years and up)


   Look at Live Pond Animals

You can look at plastic boxes and gallon jars filled with live pond animals, including tadpoles and frogs, insects, and crayfish.


   Catch and Make Paper Fish

If you use our fishing poles with magnets on the end, you can catch some paper fish.  

Then you can make your own fish to catch.  (You can color them, cut them out, then put a paper clip on their mouths.)


Web sites with More Information about Pond Animals

Here's a "virtual" jar of water -- click on an animal and learn all about it: 

These sites help you identify pond animals: 

This site has lots more links to information about pond animals: 



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